Over time the filters in the bottom of your dishwasher can become compromised. When this happens any food left on the plates can get passed these filters. This will eventually end up in the holes along the spray arms. Here’s what can happen if you don’t check your spray arms.

1.       Because the holes are blocked the spray arms won’t rotate. If this happens the quality of the wash will decrease. This can leave streaky or cloudy deposits on the wash.

2.       Your dishwasher might start leaking. Often this is not a large leak. This is usually noticed more as a slight drip on the right and left hand sides of the door.

3.       If the holes at the tip of the spray arms become partially blocked this can cause the water to jet into the top right and left hand side of the door. If the water gets through the door bezel it can soak the main control board. If this board is damaged the cost of repair can be uneconomical. On the picture  On this picture the board on the right has suffered this type of damage. On most modern dishwashers the spray arms tend to be made of plastic. It’s important when cleaning these arms not to use a metal knife or skewer to poke the holes. This could change the shape of the holes. This could stop the arms from turning. The best way to clean these arms is to remove all spray arms to the sink. Then flush the arms with water. Light tapping can be used to help release debris from the holes. Return the arms back into the dishwasher. Rotate the arms by hand to ensure that they are working.


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