The temperature is really hot outside, “I’m sure the fridge feels to warm?”

If your noticing that the fridge or even the freezer is no long cold enough this might be due to the high ambient temperatures. Most of the refrigeration in the UK is rated as sub tropical. This means as the ambient temperatures rise about 30 degrees, our fridges and freezers don’t have the necessary fans fitted to maintain normal operation.

Is their something I can do?

The most important thing to be done, is to keep your fridge and freezer full at all times. When your fridge and freezer is full, its significantly more efficient. The good news is that your fridge and freezer doesn’t need to be filled with food. You can use polystyrene block to fill any empty shelves or draws. This will help drastically to save electricity running costs.

What if the fridge and freezer is full, and things are still warming up?

Now things are not going well. Due to the high ambient temperatures the compressor (Motor) is no longer able to push the gas around in a circuit. This usually causes the temperature to rise in the fridge or freezer. If you are able to pull your appliance forward enough to be able to get a fan behind the machine. This is not always possible. Especially if the appliance is integrated. If the appliance is integrated you could try removing the kick plate under the fridge freezer and directing the fan to blow beneath the fridge freezer. This might help to blow the warm air behind the machine up and over the cabinet. Its very difficult to affect the airflow on the back of the appliance this way. If the machine is free standing and you can get a fan behind the machine, direct the fan to blow towards the bottom of the machine where you should find the big black lump at the bottom. This is the compressor. If you can reduce the running temperature of the compressor, It can cope better with the high ambient temperature.

What if your able to cool the back of the machine with a fan or your unable to and things are still too warm?

It might be time to do a full reset. To do this you need to empty both the fridge and freezer. Leave both doors open, and turn the whole machine off for 24 hours. This means if you can’t borrow and space for your food from friends and neighbours you are going to loose the food. Because most fridges and freezers are frost free they are well insulated. It takes at least 24 hours to fully defrost them. You probably won’t see any ice, as this is located inside behind the back wall. 24 hours will remove and ice and allow the compressor to cool and contract. Then just shut the doors after this time, and re-start the machine. Within 5 hours ever thing should should be working normally. If by overnight things are not cold enough its likely that the compressor is not going to recover.


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